Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kiss This, a fashion show

Kiss This ATX: An Event by some cool chicks, with cool ideas, cool bands, cool fashion, and cool people.

"We ladies have big hopes and dreams for this event. We would like to make an impact as devoted Austinites in the famous art, craft, and music scene while also giving back to the less nationally discussed Austin attractions. We are here to inform the people, promote local Austin companies, and keep our hard earned bat city money in bat city."

Founded by : Jeremy Fletcher, Michaela Schweikert, Shenandoah Mcfeeley.

!!! LINE-UP !!!
5:00 Los Bones
5:45 A Corpse Vanishes
6:45 Fashion Show
7:45 The Butts
8:45 Bass line Bums
9:45 Raffle!!
10:00 The Scary Mondelos
11:00 The Skeletons

Please come out and support US, and all the other bands along with local Austin sponsors, businesses, and people.

ALL AGES!!!!!!!
3$ and 2 canned goods or make up for your $ in cans

I'll be showing off some designs so you better come out of the woodwork!

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