Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday came early this week...and if you're late than you might be an Unwed Teenage Mother

Out now on Play Pinball! Records (as of Monday) is the new The Unwed Teenage Mothers 12" Blonde Girls. Double your pleasure and double your fun with this duplicate sided record. According to the boys at Play Pinball! "you'll need that new side after about a month of spinning the strong 150 gram vinyl over and over and over and over and over...and over!" The band includes members of Bass Drum of Death and Lover!.
It says on the Pinball! site that "The Unwed Teenage Mothers are gonna knock you down and then knock you up." Sounds good to me, get one of these oh so exclusive 12"s of your own, only 420 to go around, 100 blond ones and various surprises. Play Pinball! Records knows how to make one hell of collectible record each sleeve is hand screen printed and the color variations are endless. Snatch one up tonight at Knockyouupdotcom

Note: I'm a terrible proof reader and this was edited a million times

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