Sunday, November 14, 2010

Going Blonde

Hello Marilyn...
Ok, so I'm living out some teenage fantasies right now. Everything at it's right time right? I had my cousin bleach my hair on Friday (Bleach #1 one). I'm gonna have to do one or two more times, don't try and do it all at once, it'll fry the crap out of your hair. We went to Sally's Beauty supply and bought some stuff, got the blue kaleidocolors bleach powder packet and 40 developer, hair oil and conditioner. Go for 30 developer it's not as strong or a combination of 40 and 20 as I saw earlier.
Bleach #1

 I went to Walgreen's today and picked up some other hair products to maintain my almost there new do
The green bottle is a re-constructor I'm gonna try out free it has a mail in rebate right now. I think the shampoo (Jhirmack) might be discontinued at most stores, it was 2 bucks so I bought the two that were left. I've had the Manic Panic (Ultra Violet) I've always wanted a head of purple hair. We'll see... I wanted to get some Dumb Blonde by Bed Head, but I gotta wait for my next paycheck. I Youtube'd a bunch of videos about bleaching last night, most of them are obnoxious. I'll let you see for your self

I'll be posting more pictures as my hair gets lighter

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